A kick in the Rear

Isabelle JohansenToday, it’s sweet and sour! Readers, Please be aware, the straightforwardness of the truth expressed in these lines might hurt excess sensitivity of unready readers.

You are going to kick yourself in the rear! Yes, you heard me: a kick in the rear!

1. From very Sweet to very Stupid

Some people keep telling me, “I want to lose weight. But, Isabelle you have to be sensible and realistic. I can not change this aspect of my life because…neither this other aspect because…” Basically, what I am hearing is they want a different result while continuing to do the exact same things!

Well, listen to this; (even if it is trivial, these people need to be reminded)

1+1=2 and will never make 3. If you add up the same numbers over and over again the result will always be the same.

Same thing with you. If you are not ready to change your lifestyle, do not expect to lose weight. Indeed, what made you put on weight in the first place? Your unhealthy lifestyle; overeating and the lack of exercise are generally responsible for excess weight.

If you are not ready to modify the factors leading you to gain weight how can you pretend to reach your weight loss goal?

2. Yes, but…Change is painful!

And you are right! Or it seems that way. This is why you haven’t done it yet, or at least not on a consistent basis.

Nevertheless the choice is yours!

You either do it yourself or you wait, until one day, the realization of the collateral damage of your overeating catches up with you!

First option, wait and see or should I say, wait and feel! You will hit a wall! This will be painful! Indeed, you do know that you cannot neglect your health forever… You can try to forget about your health and what cause you discomfort in pleasuring yourself with food but “zoning out” doesn’t cancel your actions and their consequences! You will have to stop ignoring your body at least when the first symptom of too much food abuse will show through more than a weight issue. If you wait until then, you know the diagnosis will be dreadful and painful!

When you realize the damages your overeating caused you can tell everybody all the good excuses you are using today to procrastinate to justify: your type 2 diabetes, your high cholesterol level, your atherosclerosis, your cancer… Do you think that it will make you feel better? Do you think that the pleasure you get from your overeating is worth all the pain, frustration and suffering that being overweight brings?

Plan B, which I strongly recommend you to consider, is to give yourself a kick in the rear and do something about your overeating! Now! If you give up on you, who’s going to take care of you? If you don’t love yourself, who’s going to love you? If you don’t respect yourself who’s going to respect you?

It all depends of you, so it has to be initiated by you. I can shake your world a little with a few words to make you realize the absolute necessity to care for your life! But it is not mine! In the end, you are the only one responsible for it! And you know it!

Take a commitment to yourself and do not allow yourself any excuse.

Bottom line, don’t let yourself down!

Remember, your life is you! What you do to you, you do to your life; don’t be surprised and certainly don’t complain about this obvious fact.

You want some love and consideration in your life…Give it first to yourself.

You want to be treated well, first treat yourself well.

You want to be trim and healthy: stop abusing your body with food and understand its needs. Then develop your listening skills, to learn to recognize your body signals: feeling of hunger and sasiety. Simply satisfy your body needs starting with self love and self respect!


2 Responses to “A kick in the Rear”

  1. Jeane Says:

    Isabelle, I am so glad you now have a blog!

    I will check this often.

    You weight loss program has helped me overcome my biggest barrier to losing weight.

    Thank you !

  2. lena Says:

    I found this motivating…thank you!

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