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Halloween Sweets! Trick or Treat?

October 30, 2007

Isabelle Johansen Those candies, chocolates and other junk foods that you can’t stop eating when you get started; are they treats or tricks that you unconsciously play onto yourself?

You begin snacking because the urge for sweets is slowly consuming you… but, do you stop there?? The treat becomes a trick as you realize that you just can’t pause! The junk takes over! You throw all your good intentions by the window; you suddenly become amnesic to that major commitment to stay on “healthy” tracks, to the promise to take care of your waistline and well being… You’re fooled, you’re duped, and you are tricked! And the scary, the spooky thing is to come: who is playing this dreadful joke on you? You! How stupid is this tale!

Seriously is it really worth it? (more…)