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Binge Eating: Enough is enough!

November 26, 2008

isa-sales-copy-product-blitzWhy do people desperately seek in food what is not there?

Examine your life and think of the times you felt out of balance. What comes to mind? Not skinny enough? Not enough money? Spouse not nice enough? Have you noticed that it’s never enough? It really seems that, aware of it or not, most of us feel compelled to always want more. We believe that more is better. But is it really? This belief is so anchored in our mind that we automatically and unconsciously perceive our life situations through it.

From eating to binging.

For instance, why do we eat? We eat to fuel our body. Logic would dictate that we select nutritious foods and eat them in the right amounts to feed our body appropriately, right? Then why do people binge eat on junk food? Would they get enough nutrients after a balanced dinner? Yes, they would! So, why welcome a second serving? Why spend the evening hugging a pint of ice cream staring at the TV? I guess dinner is, to some extent, not enough. What is beyond the immediate pleasure and relief found in food people can’t seem to get enough of? (more…)