The Only Way Out Is In

You have hit rock bottom. You’ve done the merry-go-round; you’ve been through the revolving door. You can’t stand being overweight anymore.

It can be 15 pounds or 150 pounds. It doesn’t really matter because like for pain, frustration has no scale. It’s relative to the one who endures it.

What is your way out? What can you do to solve this problem? Your only way out is in.

Your extra weight is the expression of what you do to yourself by eating too much—we all know that, but why?  Whether you acknowledge it or not, overeating balances you in some way. You feel frustration or negative emotions and you counter balance this by overeating. Overrating makes you feel better, at least for a while.

Your only way out comes from the understanding of why you overeat.

For some of you, it is mainly about poor lifestyle; bad eating habits. But for others, it’s also about what you cover up; what you don’t want to deal with in your life.

To successfully lose weight permanently, you must be psychologically ready to unveil the why of your overeating. You must be willing to examine your life, your actions, your thoughts…and learn from them with the intent to understand your patterns. Only when you realize that the trade is not fair to you, that overeating does not solve anything, but in fact contributes to add to the challenges that triggered you to turn to food in the first place, only then you will be able to modify it in a way that supports your health.

I can help you because I understand this issue. I helped many people who wanted to lose weight with a unique strategy, as follows:

  1. We must start from where you are, not where I know you should be to lose weight. I can help you take small steps in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. The pace might go slower than a usual diet, but the changes are permanent.
  2. I give you the knowledge you need to feel compelled to be healthy. When you have a deep understanding of what you do to yourself, you feel inspired to change your behavior.
  3. The coaching helps you deal with your personal challenge. You have real answers to your personal questions. You have the attention and support you need in this battle of the pounds.

If you want to learn more about the Bellsai weight loss method, I invite you to take my Free 5-Keys to Successful Weight-Loss e-course:
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About the Author:

Isabelle Johansen is a life coach specialized in helping people address their overeating and weight loss challenges.  She is the Founder of Bellsai Mindful Weight Loss and She coaches individually and in groups, and lead weight management classes at top Silicon Valley companies and the YMCA. Her clients gain a more positive outlook on their life, feel more centered and happy as they lose weight without struggle with the Bellsai Method.  To learn more go to:

Her free 5 Keys to Successful Weight Loss eCourse is available at

Copyright @2010  Isabelle Johansen. All rights reserved.


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