Power vs. Force

When you want to be successful at losing weight long term, it is really critical to understand the difference between Power and Force.


When we use force, it’s always against something, so there are always two forces playing against each other. The use of Force implies an expenditure of energy. Without energy you have no more force. This is why Bellsai doesn’t rely on a diet to help you lose weight—before you work on your beliefs—because it would imply that you force yourself to eat this specific diet. By principle, this behavior cannot be a permanent change. Your “Will Force” will impose on you to collaborate until the other part of you finds the perfect excuse and rebels!

Force is always plural; it implies disunity. In the case of overeating, it means struggle over time.


On the contrary, Power does not have an opposite. The use of Power does not demand any energy. It just requires that you are aware of it so clearly that you allow yourself to tap into it. Power is energy by definition and implies unity. Why? Because it emanates from Genuineness – from Truth. One cannot argue with it, it simply IS.

Therefore, when we seek permanent weight loss, we need to rely on a core belief based on power. You get your power from a belief that:

  • Offers a true meaning
  • Doesn’t change over time
  • Is not arguable
  • Makes you feel at peace and grounded

Processing situations from such belief will help you reach and maintain your weight loss goal. You must identify the beliefs that  compel you, because they must make sense for you. Remember that I am here to guide you towards establishing these new empowering beliefs. That belief that will lead you to make permanent changes in your lifestyle has to emanate from a core power-based belief, instead of other beliefs based on force. Here are a few core belief-based examples:

Power Force
Health Fashion standards
Loving and caring Hate, neglect, or abuse
Accepting and forgiving Resisting and resenting

Beliefs based on Power originate from a positive mindset.

As an example, being healthy can become your genuine inspiration that consequently will generate weight loss. It is a great concept we all agree on, in theory, but we sometimes don’t really connect with it in our reality. The principle of being healthy is based on power. Indeed, it includes all the criteria that were mentioned earlier:

  • Being healthy offers a true meaning
  • Being healthy is a goal you will not change over time
  • One cannot argue that being healthy is inherent to our condition
  • When you are healthy (body and mind) you feel at peace and grounded

It will help you reach your goal if you:

  • Focus on creating new Power-based beliefs that meet the above criteria and
  • Play with this concept.

Your challenge is to stay with the work until you feel a shift: your desire to be healthy imposes itself on you; so, you are not even tempted by the unhealthy food you used to enjoy.

This shift is very subtle, but I trust you all have experienced it to some degree. That shift must be strengthened by your daily practice: living in RED* (Rest Exercise Drink), focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want, and the use of mindfulness tools (offered in the Bellsai programs). You can transform your lifestyle. The beauty of it is that working towards achieving this weight loss goal helps you grow also as an individual and, therefore, improves your overall life.

* RED:

I teach all my students that successful weight loss starts with a healthy and balanced life hygiene. This can be as easy as:

Rest: Feeling well rested is critical to be able to take on a weight loss challenge

Exercise:  I mean moving your body for 10-60 minutes daily depending upon your fitness level to develop more endorphins

Drink:  Be sure to drink enough pure and fresh water daily to allow efficient exchanges in your body and to rid it of toxins and waste.

If you want to learn more about the Bellsai weight loss method, I invite you to take my Free 5-Keys to Successful Weight-Loss e-course: www.Bellsai.com/5keys
You’re welcome to use this article online as long as it remains complete and unaltered (including the “About The Author” info below:)

About the Author:

Isabelle Johansen is a life coach specialized in helping people address their overeating and weight loss challenges.  She is the Founder of Bellsai Mindful Weight Loss and Binge-Eating-Solutions.com. She coaches individually and in groups, and lead weight management classes at top Silicon Valley companies and the YMCA. Her clients gain a more positive outlook on their life, feel more centered and happy as they lose weight without struggle with the Bellsai Method.  To learn more go to: www.Bellsai.com.

Her free 5 Keys to Successful Weight Loss eCourse is available at www.Bellsai.com/5keys

Copyright @2010  Isabelle Johansen. All rights reserved.


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