Today, I just started a new weight loss class, and as I was talking with my new participants, they mentioned the number one raison for overeating: stress!

Stress is a tricky trigger, because it doesn’t say anything about what really compels you to overeat. It is challenging to work on stress because, for many of us, it feels like there is always something bringing stress into our lives.

First, we need to identify the thoughts that cause stress. As you explore those thoughts, you will unveil the underlying negative beliefs that generate the pattern of negative thoughts, the negative emotions, and the overeating behavior.

Then, bring yourself into the Now.

As an example, I recently had someone tell me: “I don’t want to be in denial. I want to be aware of my problems, but, if I bring myself in the present, I don’t think of my problems anymore. I feel like I escape from them.”

What do you think of this affirmation?

Let me share with you my beliefs: It’s when we focus too long on our problems and on what might or might not happen in the future that we escape reality—not the contrary! Your life is happening now—not yesterday or tomorrow—only right now. When you worry, you are not present; you are in the future or in the past.

How can you realize that your mind is playing tricks on you and generating that stress? When you are in the now, in the reality, you don’t worry about your so called problems. You do not feel tense. The story your mind plays causes you the stress, but it’s not the reality. The reality is what you live without the story.

For instance, if you lose your job, you might find the experience stressful. Maybe you have the belief that a job is hard to find, that no employer will want to offer you a work. These are your beliefs that stress you. The fact is that you don’t know what is going to happen. You might be offered a job and earn twice what you made before, or you might meet your future spouse…  The situation itself is not stressful. Just the thoughts you unconsciously choose to associate with it can make it stressful.

To avoid being caught up in stress just be aware that your thoughts are just thoughts. You have made them up which also means that you can undo them. When you bring your mind to what you experience in the present moment, you are not subjected to stress any longer as you are in the NOW and not in your head thinking.

Next time you catch yourself feeling stressed or worried, try to step back and focus on the present moment. Listen to all the sounds around you. Look up and observe everything that’s around you—all the objects, the colors, the shapes, the distances between things. In your mind, take a step back and observe yourself. This will bring you into the present and draw your energy into the now. When you do this, your problems and worries disappear, because they are not real. They are just projections of a past that no longer exist and a future that has not yet happened.

This concept is simple, but not simplistic, and that’s the beauty of it. If you really apply it yourself, you will live stress free. If stress is a big trigger to overeat, you remove it just like that—a big problem you had!

If this resonates with you, I strongly recommend that you read the “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle or “The Mandala of Being” by Richard Moss (see


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