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Can You Lose Weight without Going on a Diet?

March 14, 2012

When you think of losing weight, what do you envision yourself doing?

Going on a diet and having to exercise!

It makes sense because ultimately you will have to change the way you eat and move your body more. Why? Because you need to create a deficit of calories. In other words, when you intake healthy, low calorie dense foods and increase your physical activity, you ultimately use more calories than you have absorbed. You burn the calories that you stocked in the form of fat in your body.

The problem lies in the strategy to get to this result. Most people cannot force themselves to follow a certain diet they don’t truly like. Therefore, they eventually turn back to their previous behavior.

So, what is the solution?

The solution has to come from within!

Did you consciously want to get fatter or was it a consequence of the way you handled your life? For most people, putting on weight is directly linked to their life challenges. This means that the right strategy must start from wherever you are in your lifestyle and to not ask you to instantaneously embrace a perfect weight loss diet. If your whole being dreads the change, how can you make it last? Furthermore, if handling your life implies you overeat, how can you not reach for food when something comes up?