BELLSAI Mindful Weight Loss

Diets don’t work. Why? Because they do not address what prompted you to overeat in the first place.
Being overweight is the symptom of a problem. Dieting just takes care of the symptom; it does not address the problem which compels you to overeat.

A part of you wants to stop overeating and lose weight. Bellsai develops and strengthens this part of you, this inner voice that you might hear when you get dressed in the morning but that you lose sometime during your day.

The Bellsai program is unique and efficient

Why? Because its approach is complete, addressing all aspects of weight loss.
Indeed, over 12 weeks we cover in group class the main factors, which cause you to overeat. In private coaching sessions we explore and work on the overeating challenges that touch you the most.
This Bellsai approach, combining group class and individual coaching has shown impressive results: 100% of participants are satisfied or very satisfied with the program.

For more information click on the links :

Free Audio Seminar: The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

Free Weight Loss Session with Bellsai weight loss coach

Lear more about the revolutionary Bellsai 12 week Mindful Weigh Loss Program


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