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Binge Eating: Enough is enough!

November 26, 2008

isa-sales-copy-product-blitzWhy do people desperately seek in food what is not there?

Examine your life and think of the times you felt out of balance. What comes to mind? Not skinny enough? Not enough money? Spouse not nice enough? Have you noticed that it’s never enough? It really seems that, aware of it or not, most of us feel compelled to always want more. We believe that more is better. But is it really? This belief is so anchored in our mind that we automatically and unconsciously perceive our life situations through it.

From eating to binging.

For instance, why do we eat? We eat to fuel our body. Logic would dictate that we select nutritious foods and eat them in the right amounts to feed our body appropriately, right? Then why do people binge eat on junk food? Would they get enough nutrients after a balanced dinner? Yes, they would! So, why welcome a second serving? Why spend the evening hugging a pint of ice cream staring at the TV? I guess dinner is, to some extent, not enough. What is beyond the immediate pleasure and relief found in food people can’t seem to get enough of? (more…)


Introduction to Ayurveda

February 12, 2008

Isabelle JohansenWe know why we need to eat healthy. We have been working on building empowering beliefs to help you understand the necessity and benefits of eating healthy not only to lose weight but also to be in good physical, psychological and emotional health (cf. Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman).

Let’s get right to it!


At Thanksgiving, don’t forget to give thanks to yourself!

November 19, 2007

isa-bellsai-phot-low-res.jpgWhat is Thanksgiving about?

I am French, but I immediately adopted the tradition of Thanksgiving when I moved to the US. I liked the opportunity to have a holiday and a party of course, but most of all I loved the idea of acknowledging the people I cherish. I don’t know if it is true for you, but I realize that I don’t show enough to the people I appreciate, how much I care for them. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to remedy to this situation.

This leads me to think of the deepest and most meaningful relationship of all, that we can have in this life time… The one that will allow us to thrive in our relationship with others and in our life. Do you see what I am talking about…? Yes, I am referring to the relationship we have with ourselves.

For many, this one is not obvious. But it gets even trickier when we add weight issues. Why? Because of this negative body image which can become our inner hurricane destroying self-esteem, self love, self-confidence… And leaves us with the ruin of the one we were or could be. (more…)

Halloween Sweets! Trick or Treat?

October 30, 2007

Isabelle Johansen Those candies, chocolates and other junk foods that you can’t stop eating when you get started; are they treats or tricks that you unconsciously play onto yourself?

You begin snacking because the urge for sweets is slowly consuming you… but, do you stop there?? The treat becomes a trick as you realize that you just can’t pause! The junk takes over! You throw all your good intentions by the window; you suddenly become amnesic to that major commitment to stay on “healthy” tracks, to the promise to take care of your waistline and well being… You’re fooled, you’re duped, and you are tricked! And the scary, the spooky thing is to come: who is playing this dreadful joke on you? You! How stupid is this tale!

Seriously is it really worth it? (more…)

A kick in the Rear

September 21, 2007

Isabelle JohansenToday, it’s sweet and sour! Readers, Please be aware, the straightforwardness of the truth expressed in these lines might hurt excess sensitivity of unready readers.

You are going to kick yourself in the rear! Yes, you heard me: a kick in the rear!

1. From very Sweet to very Stupid

Some people keep telling me, “I want to lose weight. But, Isabelle you have to be sensible and realistic. I can not change this aspect of my life because…neither this other aspect because…” Basically, what I am hearing is they want a different result while continuing to do the exact same things!


Welcome to the Bellsai Blog!!

September 21, 2007

Isabelle Johansen

Dear Friends,

I am delighted to welcome you to my new blog!

Please stay tuned as you will here see more and more valuable information, and useful tips on how you can successfully and permanently lose weight.

I also want to hear from you.

What are your weight loss challenges?

What help would you like to receive?

What are the questions you ask your self?

I am here to help, so take up this opportunity to ask!

To your health,