Ask Isabelle

Do you have any weight loss questions?

Are you not sure which weight loss solution is right for you?

Do you have any specific weight loss challenges you don’t know how to best tackle?

I am here to help!

Please post your questions here and I will regularly update this page with my answers to your questions.

To a healthy and trim you!



3 Responses to “Ask Isabelle”

  1. Gerry Schoenwald Says:

    You know me from way back! How is your program working?
    I could use some help but I can’t jump and do aerobics. I am taking
    water aerobics(saw you today…remember?)

  2. 90dayweightlosschallenge Says:

    I have to loose 70-90 lbs in 90 it possible? What are your thoughts. I would like to hear from you if you can find the time ..thanks

    • Bellsai Says:

      Is it possible to lose 90lbs in 90 days? Well, I truly think that anything is possible for those who believe… But it is not about me… It’s about you! Do you think it is possible? Do you believe you can do it? Before you answer this question, take a moment and look back on what brought you to your question today. How many times have you tried a new diet and didn’t follow through? If you do the same thing, you’ll get a similar result… If in theory, anything is possible, my experience taught me that you will change the odds if your change something in your strategy. First and foremost you need to work on your mindset. You can follow the most delicious and potentially effective diet in the world, but if you feel like eating ice-cream and cookies, it won’t be helpful because sooner or later, you’ll give in. What triggers you to overeat and sabotages your efforts is the real question!

      Let’s be practical; you sound motivated to move forward so here are several options:
      1- Sign up for my 5 week FREE ecourse to understand how critical and determining your mindset is. I also offer many practical actions you can take, tips…
      – You can also ask me more specific questions via my website: in the section ASK ISABELLE
      – Follow me on YouTube, FaceBook: Bellsai, to get general insights on how to lose weight, stop overeating, not stress, let go of anxiety…

      2- Download my new book “Shape your Mind to Shape your Body“; this book explains what you need to do in order to be successful at weight loss.

      3- Private coaching to understand why you are in this situation today, how you can break the cycle you are in and really move forward. The whole idea is to allow you to let go of overeating so eating healthy is not a challenge anymore. I help you build your self confidence in your ability to reach your goal. Imagine: what if you knew that you were going to lose weight and reach your goal? How would it feel to sense that everything in your life flows, no frustrations… Losing weight would just happen as a consequence of you not overeating!
      I wish you the best of luck! Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if I can help you more!

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